Reiki Certification

Reiki Symbol

Reiki Level I and II 

Awaken the healer within! Learn the Sacred Japanese Healing technique of Usui Reiki to heal yourself, clients, family and friends. 


In Reiki Level I and II, you will learn the history of Reiki, the lineage, introduction to chakras, and aura healing.  You will learn to feel this subtle yet powerful energy in your hands, to release negative energy, balance and ground yourself to connect with the ultimate source of Reiki energy.


You will receive the sacred attunements of Reiki I and II and learn to perform a Reiki session.   

What is included in the Weekend Workshop?

Reiki I and II Workbook 

Lunch, lite morning and afternoon snacks, coffee and tea
Reiki Attunements
Reiki I and II Certificates



Just for today,

     I will not worry. 

Just for today,      

     I will not be angry.

Just for today,

     I will work honestly.

Just for today,

     I will have gratitude.

Just for today,

     I will be kind to every              living thing. 

 ~ Reiki Principles for Living

Reiki III and Master Teacher Certification

Join us in taking the next step to Reiki Mastery. In The Reiki Master Certification course, you will receive the Advanced Practitioner attunement which raises the vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy and experience the Usui Master Symbol which increases the effectiveness of the other symbols and strengthens intuitive awareness of your Divine Guidance. 

Learn to discern the subtle energies connected with the Reiki symbol through a guided meditation that can help to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness.  Use Reiki to strengthen your light and raise the vibration of the collective creative consciousness to facilitate peace and healing.

We will also be learning to create a special Reiki energy matrix in the form of a crystal grid, which continuously transmits healing energy for specific purposes.

The Reiki Master Certification will also include the complete Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master teacher attunement and training,  instruction and practice giving and receiving attunements for Reiki levels I, II and the introduction and attunement to two Tibetan Reiki Master symbols, then practice with the symbols​.

What is included in the Weekend Workshop?

Reiki Master Workbook 

Lunch, lite morning and afternoon snacks, coffee and tea
Reiki Attunements
Reiki Master Certificate

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui

Founder of Reiki

Reiki Healing

Professional workshops, classes and fees
Private Instruction Available - Contact us for details


Reiki or Crystal Reiki I and II 
One Day Workshop -$250

Reiki or Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher 
One Day Workshop - $350

Reiki or Crystal I,  II  and Master/Teacher 

Certification - $550
Two Day Workshop  

All pricing is per person. Full and or final payment is due at time of service.