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Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.  - Elizabeth Stanton

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Past Life Regression has evolved from the concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a belief that each of us possesses an eternal Soul, which in turn experiences many lifetimes in many different bodies. Past Life Regression is a relaxation process by which you access the deeper levels of your consciousness and Soul memories. 

Why Past Life Regression? 


Many are searching for a deeper understanding of who they are in relationship to the cosmic experience. They seek reconciliation between their physical existence and their Soul identity. They desire to make sense of the physical world around them, and then, to integrate their earthly experience with the spiritual existence of their Soul Self. 

Others approach Past Life Regression seeking reassurance that life does not end with physical death. They hope to find that the human experience is eternal and no one is ever lost. 


You will come out the Past Life Regression with a sense of the eternal nature of your Soul and the Souls of others. It is reassuring to know that your life expressed itself long before you entered your present life expression, and it will continue long after you leave this lifetime.


You will also gather information that gives you a deeper understanding of your physical existence and your cosmic experience. It might become easier for you to reconcile your physical existence with your Soul identity.  You will recognize that just as you incarnate as a unique and distinct physical being, you also incarnate with a unique and distinctive Soul identity. All of these insights from the more mundane to the more extraordinary bring benefits. The answers provided by your curious inquiry or to your more existential questions will bring you reassurance and a deeper awareness about yourself and others. 


  • As you rediscover aspects of yourself from other lives and other times you will recognize that you are an eternal being.

  • You will experience yourself as a multidimensional being. 

  • You will better understand the purpose and dynamics of your current relationships with family members and friends. 

  • You will be able to heal and release physical, emotional, and mental attachments lingering from your past life self and associations.

  • The insights that you will gain from your past life journey will add greater strength and purpose in your present life.

  • You will emerge from your session with a deeper connection to your physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual Self. 

Dr. Brian Weiss
Author, Speaker, PhD.
Many Lives, Many Masters,

Through Time Into Healing and 
Only Love is Real


Past Life Regression Therapy 

Many experts in the field believe that present life conflicts, anxieties and problems often originate from traumatic events in our former lifetimes. These traumatic events in our past lives are explored and resolved in past life therapy, so that healing can take place in our present life. By exploring the emotions and physical sensations associated with a crisis in your present life, you can locate the source or origin of your problem. This often leads to the discovery of a memory and event in a past life, usually traumatic, or pain-filled.


You will be guided through the traumatic episode in that past life, and progress through the life ending experience and into an expanded state of awareness and higher perspective. From this higher perspective you are able to resolve any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business, or karma from that past life. We integrate the insights and wisdom gained from your past life self and experience into your present life situation. This gives you a new perspective and often alleviates or greatly diminishes the challenges in your present life because of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing that has taken place.


Past Life Regression Therapy usually requires a series of regressions dependent on the number and seriousness of the issues presenting. 

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