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Crystal Journey Past Life Regression

Silvethorne, Colorado

Silverthorne, Colorado      K. DiBrito

Personal Crystal Journey Elixir

We capture the high vibration of your Crystal Journey and custom blend a personal essence for continued healing. 

Crystal Preparation

2 - 3 hour hour session 
Session Elixir and Crystal Set

I have always had a deep love for Mother Earth and was fortunate to have been born and raised on her majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I began my spiritual journey over 25 years ago with a love for crystals, rocks, meditation, channeling, and energy healing.  Recently living in Australia, and journeying throughout the South Pacific, awakened me into a full multi-dimensional awareness..  I experienced a calling to embrace the wisdoms of our ancient ancestors and bring these cherished gifts into our everyday lives.

I have merged my work as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Regression, together with my passion of the crystalline world as a Crystal Light Healing® Instructor. Together, they create a very personal and profound Crystal Journey experience. 

"Let the beauty you love be what you do." -Rumi

A Crystal Journey is a blend of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, along with using Sacred Essences and Oils.


During the Crystal Journey, a healing and sacred space is created and carefully chosen crystals are placed around the body which focuses the crystal’s frequency and integrates them with your inner self.


The laying of stones during a sacred ceremony is considered to be an ancient healing art; one practiced by Native Americans, Mayans, and Ancient Egyptians. Crystals have their own unique energy vibration that resonates with subtle bodies, chakras, and higher vibrational points on your body.  This stimulates healing and releases what is no longer needed.

The process is intended to gently guide you from relaxation into regression and back to total awareness. We may work with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, and Divine Creators to assist you in becoming consciously aware of your soul’s evolution here on Earth.

Crystal Journey Past Life Regression

All crystals used for this sacred ceremony have been thoughtfully

cleansed, and charged.  

They will lovingly hold your 

intentions for the entire

Crystal Journey.

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