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Crystal Wisdom

U through Z Metaphysical Summary



Unakite is an epidote-rich granite containing orthoclase.  It balances the emotional body, aligning it with the higher forces of spirituality. It facilitates the rebirthing process, gently releasing those conditions that have inhibited ones growth and actions. It assists one in going beneath the symptoms of physical dis-ease to find the root cause underlying the condition. It also has all the properties listed under Epidote.




Vanadinite promotes a deep state of meditation, and it creates a clear center flowing from the crown, thru the core of the body, to the feet.  This stimulates all the chakras bringing a deep peace within the soul, and an alignment with the “optimum” self, whose energy is transferred to the cellular structures of the body.  It promotes order, helping one to define goals, and pursue them in an orderly motivated manner.  It treats exhaustion and asthma.

Variscite connects and aligns the ethereal nervous system with the physical one, allowing for the needs of the physical to be met.  It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing love with reasoning to all situations.  It provides courage and tenacity when caretaking an invalid.  It regenerates the elasticity of the skin.

Vesuvianite provides for easy access to the Higher Self and awareness of that which is important for spiritual advancement. It promotes loyalty and cooperation, an excellent gift for newlyweds and business associates.  It assists those endeavoring to invent and discover.  It clears negative thought patterns, dispels anger, banishes depression, and allays fear.

Viking Balls
Viking Balls are siliceous algae and are Fossils formed 65 million years ago.  They provide courage and strength in times of danger.  They have increased athletic abilities to assure winning in competitions and even arguments and to further one’s prowess in action.  One will never be lonely with the energies of the Viking Ball. They help remove negativity from one’s thoughts and actions, and never need to be cleansed.

The energy of Vivianite tends to convey both love and the inspiration for life.  It produces a glowing and pulsating beauty to the user.  It is a “stone for goal-setting”.  It assists one in recognizing that an optimistic goal may always be achieved over the obstacles of reality and the reflections of memory.  It can assist in the alignment of the spine and to treat degeneration of the iris of the eyes.




Waterfall Quartz/Smokey, Rose & Clear
This mineral dispels and protects against depression and despondency.  It assists in stimulating analytical capabilities and precision.  It awakens inherent talents and eliminates erratic and careless behavior.  It is a “stone for dreaming”, bringing flashes of insight through dreams.  It can be used in treatments of motor capabilities, orderly growth of tissues, and to control body temperature and fevers.


Wavellite assists one in looking at the whole picture, prior to making a decision.  It helps one to manage difficult situations and provides information to the Inner Self such that one can recognize both the direct and indirect methods of accomplishing a task.  It is effective during periods of both the new moon and full moon to increase intuitive abilities and to activate inner knowledge.

Wulfenite promotes the acceptance of the existence of the negative aspects in the world, allowing one to recognize the issues and prevent the roadblocks to impede or limit progress towards development. This also allows one to recognize the authoritative game of this plane and to continue in spite of the potential limitations.  It is useful for connecting to higher beings, and the Higher Self.  It has been used for preservation and rejuvenation on all levels.




Zebra Rock
Zebra Rock is a mixture of quartz and basinite.  It is a “stone for the child within” bringing the courage to have fun without thinking about tomorrow.  It brings compassion and understanding for others.  It teaches that the eternal source of energy and love is ever available to increase ones supply.  It is an excellent stone for athletes as it stimulates physical energy, providing stamina, endurance, and the ability to win.

Zincite is very beneficial when working with the lower three chakras as it provides for the synthesis of physical vitality, creativity, and personal power.  It produces electrical currents within the body which assist in releasing energy blockages.  It brings those of like-mind together and assists in building relationships.  It improves the condition of the hair and skin.

Zircon is a “stone of virtue”, balancing ones virtuous nature with universal forces.  It symbolizes innocence, purity, and constancy in ones heart, mind, being, actions, and relationships.  It increases ones hardiness and facilitates continuity in all endeavors.  It treats disorders of the sciatic nerve and the nerve structures which lead away from the spine.

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