Shamans used drums, rattles, sticks and bells as well as dancing, singing, music, fasting, medicine and rigorous ordeals to enter altered states.  

By using these methods they were able to alter their minds and bodies and affect change.  

They were the first hypnotists. - Yukio Hasegawa

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation with focused concentration and a heightened state of suggestibility. It is similar to daydreaming or the in-between state just before we fall asleep each night. We reach a hypnotic state by combining a series of relaxation techniques and guided imagery. 

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy that utilizes the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our mind, body, spirit connection to promote optimal health and healing. Once you are in a hypnotic state, we gather new information and drop in your predetermined suggestions and goals into your unconscious/subconscious mind to create change, new behaviors, and patterns in your life. We reframe old information and experiences so that they assist rather than hinder you. Your conscious mind can access this new information and put your goals and desired behaviors into action. 


Transpersonal Psychology is considered the psychology of spirituality. The term transpersonal literally means beyond or through the personal.  There are areas of the human mind which search for higher meanings in life, and which can move beyond the confines of the ego to access wisdom, creativity, unconditional love and compassion. Transpersonalism recognizes the human capacity to transcend the limitations of a three-dimensional consciousness and allows healing to integrate with your current soul evolution. 

Evolution.  Transformation.  Ascension.


What is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy? Transpersonal Hypnotherapy or Spiritual Hypnotherapy, embraces and focuses the gentle qualities of hypnosis, and allows treatment and communication with the higher spiritual self for beneficial healing and growth. It is the belief that as we connect with this higher awareness, a transformation occurs. We are continually encouraged to move forward in our conscious evolution. through understanding and awareness.  

  • The existence of your mind, body, spirit connection 

  •  A higher self or spiritual awareness that exists beyond your mind and body 

  •  A higher self or spiritual awareness that can and will guide you throughout your life experiences with new insights and wisdom 

  •  How to access this inner resource to improve the quality of your life 


Improve Meditation Practices

Connect with the Light

Communicate with Your Guides and Angels    

Learn to Become Your Own Healer

Create Abundance in Your Life

Live a Heart Centered Life

Retrieve Fragmented Parts of Self (Soul Retrieval)

I believe we are spiritual beings having a

human experience.

Within each one of us is a sacred being that recognizes the inherent wholeness and

perfection of self and others.

This deeper understanding connects us to the collective Oneness of All, and the

Light of Source. 

Spirit Buddha

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