Crystal  Shapes & Structures

Each crystal and mineral takes on its own shape and personality.  What does that particular shape mean, and how do they affect and influence the work a crystal can assist with?  Here are some common types and their current understandings. 

A crystal point with smaller crystals growing around its base. These crystals foster prosperity and well-being, success, good fortune and all good things in life. Position an Abundance Crystal in the wealth corner of your home or office (this is the furthest rear left from the front door) to attract abundance into your life.
Ball - Sphere
Crystal spheres are shaped artificially, however their shape allows energy to radiate in all directions equally. They can be used as a window into the past and future as they move energy through time – this is called “scrying”.
Barnacle Crystals are covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. The larger crystal is the “old soul” and contains the wisdom and trust, which attracts the smaller crystals. This crystal can be used in meditation to provide insights to family and/or community problems. This type of crystal is excellent for those employed by service organizations. It’s energy helps to stimulate a group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together.
The Bridge Quartz Crystal is recognized by a small crystal which penetrates and is located partially in, and partially out, of a larger crystal. It facilitates bridging between the self and others, between the inner and outer worlds, and between the self and other worlds. The crystal aids in expressing that which one experiences when one is becoming more self-aware. It is beneficial when working with spiritual and metaphysical realms and attempting to share this knowledge with others.
Candle Quartz
This crystal gets its name by the image of wax dribbling down the sides of a candle. This crystal is a type of elestial and is found in Madagascar. It acts to induce sensitivity and prudence. This crystal is a type of elestial Quartz.
A castle is a form of twin with many points and extra facets on the tip. Many of the faces will reflect light at the same angle, giving the appearance of a castle. It is a self-healed crystal. The crystal broke from its matrix or another crystal and continued to grow and heal the rough base or side. It is similar to a Cathedral but lacks the larger center termination of a Cathedral formation.
One prominent point with parallel points stepping up around all sides, rather like candle drippings. It is usually an opaque crystal formation of one main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths, but shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a common base. If clear it is a Lightbrary.
Channeling Crystals have a seven-sided facet flanked with two smaller three sided ones, opposite a three sided one. In reference to the Channeling Crystals, it means channelling and expressing the source of truth and wisdom from the depth of the soul with knowledge and pure intentions. The Channeling Crystals are here to teach us how to tap into the wisdom within ourselves, access truth and then bring that forth through verbal expression.
A cluster is a group of crystals that are physically attached to each other on a matrix (sharing a common base) or floating free. The crystals can be single or double terminated or combinations of both. There may be hundreds of points, or only two, but they live together in an evolved community of peace and harmony. They serve to bring the “group” energy of the associated crystal to the surroundings, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, family, and business environments.
Crater or Key
Crater Crystals have a indentation or crater where another crystals was once attached but is now absent. The crater can be either a crystal or a cluster. If the indentation is 3 or 6 sided and becomes narrower as it penetrates, the crystal is Key Crystal.
A formation of two crystals attached to each other in the shape of a cross. This very rare formation is a world teacher and provides guidance when studying spirituality, the arts, and sciences. This crystal is a tool of the light worker, assisting in the removal of unwanted implants. It represents the idea of multiplicity while stabilizing the centre of the self, allowing for an uninterrupted connection with the ethereal perfection.
Devic Temple
Devic Temple crystals can be the temporary vehicles through which spiritual guides can find expression and offer wisdom, insight and blessings into our lives. These crystals are usually single generators. What distinguishes them from other crystals is their internal inclusions and markings on the body and the faces. The inner inclusions display impressions of other worlds, temples, or faces or outlines of beings inside the crystal.
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