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A Gift to Give 

Looking for a gift of Divine purpose?  Give a gift of Healing, Wellness, Classes or Crystals.  

Our Gift Card lets your special someone shop our on website and store to select from a menu of Healing, Wellness and all Crystals in stock.  

Your gift card is lovingly packaged and sent within 24 hours.  Gift Cards never expire and shipping is on us! 

Please don't forget to include your private message. 

Disclaimer by Soulstice Healing and Wellness

By Law, we are required to include this disclaimer. Healing and Medicine occupy two different planes of existence.  The information contained in this website is not medicine or medical information but energy healing and does not constitute medical advice. Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine or psychotherapy as Kimberly DiBrito, CHt of Soulstice Healing and Wellness, is not a licensed physician, psychologist or marriage and family therapist.   These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing services.  In case of serious illness, consult a medical professional of choice.   All information, unless otherwise noted, is from various leading industry experts, past or present, living or deceased, Melody, Katrina Raphael, Judy Hall, Robert Simmons,, Naisha Aishan, Margaret Lembo, Dr Usui, Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon, and all interpretations are my own.  

Registered Reiki Professional

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