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Summer 2021

Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner
Level   I

Online Zoom Class 

3 Online Classes

2 Hours Each Class

7 to 9 pm each class

along with self-study assignments

Level I Practitioner- $111
Reservation Required
Limited space for individualized participation

Email/contact us to reserve your space


Planet Earth is a giant Crystalline Orb of living/breathing consciousness and its portals & leylines hold the DNA expression of our planetary consciousness.  When you consciously entrain with Earth’s Crystalline Wisdom, you re-remember who you are, why you chose this life-time on Earth and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth as a Divine Human.

You awaken to your full Soul Potential as your Activate & Attune your DNA and step into being conscious architect of personal, planetary & cosmic Evolutionary Consciousness.

Our Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification Course provides you with real tools to bring spiritual/metaphysical principles into your life, whether you are a novice, dedicated healer or business professional.  Crystal Light Healing® provides the potential to heal yourself/others/animals from dis-ease, become a clear channel of higher consciousness,  catapult personal growth/evolution and elevate your professional performance in business.

Level I focuses on learning the basics of crystalline world,

  • Understanding ourselves through the crystal matrix

  • Structures, shapes and forms

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Connections to all of the basic healing crystals

  • Crystal formations

  • Emotional/physical/spiritual aspects of crystals

  • Gridding for personal and professional use

  • Gem elixirs and gem waters

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Group and resource support

No prior experience or knowledge required.  

TBD until further notice

Group Past Life Regression Meditation
Crystal Journey

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

at Holistic Apothecary
Reservation Required
Limited Spaces


A Crystal Journey is a blend of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, and Sacred Essences/Oils. During the Crystal Journey, a healing and sacred space is created and carefully chosen crystals are placed around the body which focuses the crystal’s frequency and integrates them with your inner self. The laying of stones during a sacred ceremony is considered to be an ancient healing art; one practiced by Native Americans, Mayans, and Ancient Egyptians. Crystals have their own unique energy vibration that resonates with subtle bodies, chakras, and higher vibrational points on your body. This stimulates healing and releases what is no longer needed. 

The process is intended to gently guide you from relaxation into regression and back to total awareness. We may work with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, and Divine Creators to assist you in becoming consciously aware of your soul’s evolution here on Earth.

TBD until further notice

Awakening the Drum Ceremony

10 am to 12:30 pm

at Holistic Apothecary
Reservation and Deposit Required
Limited Spaces


Connecting your soul energy to your chosen drum and through sacred ceremony, we will birth and awaken your drum to attune with spirit. 

For this Drum Ceremony
- Personally select your 15" handmade drum and stick
- Join in Spiritual Ceremony aligning your spritual/soul energy to your chosen drum and stick
- Sit in sacred space while customizing the Drum Stick
- Awaken the Drum through Native ceremony
- Learn the drumming techniques to guide you into

meditation, visualiztion and healing
- Closing with Ceremony of Gratitude

ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED - Drum, Drum Sticks, feathers, bones, leather, beads, crystals, and wood. 

NOTE:  Please bring any meaningful items that you would like to decorate your Drum or Stick:
beads, leathers,  jewelry, etc



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