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Our Cosmic Evolution

As Earth aligns on the Galactic Plane, we are receiving energetic ‘Waves of Love’ from the Center of the Galaxy (The Great Central Sun), through both Sirius (Greater Central Sun), the Pleiades (Central Sun) through our Sun and into Earth.

These direct transmissions of LOVE Waves are electromagnetically stimulating Earth’s Toric Field (her heart field) and have a profound impact on our DNA.

This is how Metatron’s Cube weaves the field through the Archangels of Creation and how we can work with this wisdom to awaken our DNA through the Wave of LOVE.

LOVE ~ Live One Vibrational Energy

Archangel Metatron

Templates of Creation


Everything in creation is manifest in form through 13 Sacred Templates of Creation; 12 Sacred Templates representing The Archangels, and the 13th Sacred Template,  the template that weaves the 12 Sacred Templates together.To understand these 13 Sacred Templates and to better understand the frequency of Archangels, lets take a look at the story of Creation, as I feel it to be true.


Over 13 Billion years ago, in the dark infinite void, a thought form, a conscious spark of infinite intelligence said ‘Let there be Light’. This intelligent vibration of LOVE, referred to as God, dreamed the dream of creating Light and hence through intent rippled out LOVE in all directions of time and space.    The intelligent vibration of LOVE, is the 13th Sacred Template, the oneness field of all of creation. It is the breath of God, the field that births and connects the infinite all.


Metatron’s Cube, a sacred geometrical pattern of 13 spheres, gave birth to the Elements of Creation, the Earth, Fire, Air, Water (the 12 Spheres) held together by the LIGHT of LOVE, Spirit (the 13th Sphere).  The Elements of Creation that are birthed through Metatron’s Cube, are made manifest via templates that hold the highest frequency of their LIGHT of LOVE vibration.


The template for Earth is called the Cube (Hexahedron), Fire the Tetrahedron, Air the Octahedron, Water the Icosahedron, coming together through Spirit the Dodecahedron.


The 13 Sacred Templates – The Archangels


When the LOVE (the 13th Sacred Template) that birthed the LIGHT created the Elements of Creation, this intelligent field of LOVE assigned keepers or divine Messengers of God to each of the Elements of Creation.


These Messengers of God are called the Archangels –the sacred keepers of the 12 Sacred Templates of Creation. The Archangels have dominion over the 12 Sacred templates of the Elements of Creation, and their role is to infinitely expand out each of the Elements of Creation, down through the Light Octaves of the Holographic Field of the All – through the 13th Sacred Template.

Everything in creation is manifest in form through the 13 Sacred Templates of Creation.

As the Archangels (Templates 1 to 12) expand out the Elements of Creation throughout the ALL (the 13th Template), their level of resonance gradually becomes lower and lower, until the frequency is so dense that physical matter is created.Thus, everything in creation is made manifest via one of more of the Elements of Creation.

For instance, your physical body is made up of the elements of Earth, Fire, Air & Water coming together as spirit. Thus the Archangels of Creation are made manifest through you, they create you, they are you; they are in your DNA!

Creating your reality through the Archangels


The Archangels hold the templates of the Elements of Creation; the holographic field of the All.


Your experiences on Earth are based on how you mold these Elements of Creation, the Archangels, in order to create your reality. You mold the elements via your thoughts, words, actions, feelings etc, both conscious and unconscious. Thus the Elements of Creation respond to your energetic frequencies that you emit through you, and create your reality accordingly.

Nothing exists externally to you, the Archangels create through you, as you are never a victim of circumstance, but rather a Master Co-Creator through you. To co-create a world filled with Love, Peace, abundance and joy, then you must become conscious of the Elements that create you, and work consciously with the Archangels of Creation through you to be that love, peace, abundance and joy.


This Wisdom of all Creation is within you as well as within every flower, every tree, every seed, every drop of water. The Wisdom of all Creation exists within EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small. The Archangels of Creation, expand out the LIGHT of LOVE from God in order to create the dimensional octaves of Creation, thus this LIGHT of LOVE of God exists within all of Creation.


Nothing in Creation is separate. We are fractals of the whole intimately connected by the LIGHT of LOVE of God. LOVE, or Live One Vibrational Energy is the ultimate Truth. LOVE is the unified field that houses all diversity’s we experience in our return to Oneness. You are a spark of oneness, thus your journey is about returning to the conscious awareness that you are the all, you are LOVE.


People on Earth experience fear, pain and hardship as they have lost their connection with the innate wisdom that exists within them and hence also within all Creation. This disconnection creates a culture of distrust, anger and lack of purpose or meaning in their lives. The time has come on Earth for people to awaken to the Wisdom of Creation, and to acknowledge the LOVE of God through them.




Angelic Chakras

Working with the Archangels 


Our DNA is Awakening to higher potentialities beyond just the physical coding of proteins, such that we embrace our 5th Dimensional light. As our DNA awakens we also awaken our metaphysical abilities such as intuition, claircognizance, clairsentience,and clairvoyance.  We embrace our abilities to self-heal and become conscious of how to work with the energy of the environment for personal and planetary evolution. We have the opportunity to work with each  Archangel of Creation through us to foster the greatest potentiation of our DNA.


Simply invoke an Archangel or Archangels through you (through intent, holding the vision of an Archangel and breathing it through your body) and through the amplification of Wave of LOVE you awaken your DNA into a even higher level of resonance.

Working with the Archangels through you for healing is about embracing the grace of potential within, and choosing to be the change you wish to see within the world.


As you embrace the power of the Archangel elements through you, you are free to move beyond your limited states of awareness.   You are free to shatter your old paradigms and create for yourself heart based global consciousness in unity and enduring peace.

Sharing with you a chart of each Archangel, Energy Center, Element and DNA Potential to support your connection in the years ahead.

by Simone Matthews, Founder and Principle, Universal Life Tools

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