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Crystal Light Healing®
accesses the vibrational frequency of crystals through color, sound, light and sacred geometry.
These frequencies are then resonated through our subtle bodies, chakras and higher vibrational points to stimulate healing and realease dis-ease. 

Crystal Light Healing® is a journey of embracing the story of Creation through ancient crystalline wisdom.  A story that is locked within the 1st through 8th dimensional Crystals of Mother Earth, and holds the key to understanding who you are, why you chose this life-time and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth.


Crystal Light Healing® is the study of Creation from the ‘bottom up’;  the study of the 1st Dimensional Crystalline Field of Mother Earth through the 4th Dimension of our Hearts into the 8th Dimension core of our Galaxy.   Crystal Light Healing® answers the questions of why we have chosen to anchor our Souls into a physical body and ground our body of light into the energy field of Mother Earth; what is the bigger picture of Creation, why are we here on Earth; and how we can choose to walk in truth and integrity for our own unique Souls Evolution and for the greater evolutionary cycle of all Creation.


Crystal Light Healing® incorporates metaphysics and aligning ancient Crystal Light Healing® wisdoms with the science of today.  It is absolutely fascinating to correlate how science and spirituality are speaking the same language.


As we awaken to crystal healing wisdom we are free to co-create a life filled with joy, good health, loving relationships and financial freedom.  We are free to simply be the highest vibration of our authentic self.


Whether you choose to do a single Crystal Healing session, weekend workshop, or complete the full crystal healing up to Practitioner or Teacher certification, it is designed to be a personal transformative experience of self-discovery, awakening and blissful love. 

Two day workshops are held throughout the year and are also available privately upon request.

Crystal Light Healing

The founder of Universal Life Tools, Simone M. Matthews, sharing the ancient wisdom of Crystalline Wisdom and Crystal Light Healing®.
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