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The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff. ― Carl SaganCosmos

 We honor your journey in taking the next step in your soulful evolution. We hope to guide and join you on your path of transformation and ascension through crystals, healing, and wellness. 


Crystal Vibrations

How to bring the Crystalline Frequency into your life and understand the healing vibrations.  Understand the Crystalline Evolution, understand the connection and shop for your favorites. 


Wellness Journey

As we become aware of a higher consciousness of being, there are many ways to maintain the health and wellness of spirit. 



A Spiritual approach in Hypnotherapy to connect with the Higher Dimensions and essential aspects of ourselves for evolution, transformation ,and ascension.


Reiki and Crystal Reiki

Learn the ancient art of Reiki through workshops and self healing.  Apply the knowledge to work in harmony and confidence with Crystals to create powerful healing results.

Blooming Garden

Earth and Plant Medicine

My Earth Medicine is of Earth based spirituality, psychology, and connection to all sentient beings while ecologically supporting the Earth and thriving in our modern society

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About Soulstice

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Disclaimer by Soulstice Healing and Wellness

By Law, we are required to include this disclaimer. Healing and Medicine occupy two different planes of existence.  The information contained in this website is not medicine or medical information but energy healing and does not constitute medical advice. Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine or psychotherapy as Kimberly DiBrito, CHt of Soulstice Healing and Wellness, is not a licensed physician, psychologist or marriage and family therapist.   These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing services.  In case of serious illness, consult a medical professional of choice.   All information, unless otherwise noted, is from various leading industry experts, past or present, living or deceased, Melody, Katrina Raphael, Judy Hall, Robert Simmons,, Naisha Aishan, Margaret Lembo, Dr Usui, Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon, and all interpretations are my own.  

Registered Reiki Professional

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